a walk in the park

With Summer on its way, we have had some pretty hot days but the evenings are absolutely gorgeous so we have enjoyed several evening up on our rooftop. Its so relaxing to take a pot of tea, lawn chair, and maybe even a movie and just sit and enjoy the surroundings. 

As I mentioned before, the addition of Perry has opened our eyes to a completely different version of Korea than we had seen before. We are now able to see the real Korea and appreciate its beauty. We have been taking advantage of every opportunity we can to see more and explore more. Though we came to a familiar place, Jikjisa park, we still had new experiences and enjoyed the time immensely! The afternoon was a bit misty and overcast which only made the colors more vibrant and fascinating. This is extremely high praise but it kind of reminded me of our trip to Ireland because of how green every was. It was so gorgeous! 

Chestnuts... they're my favorite. 

Robert had heard about this Tea House at the entrance of Jikjisa Temple and wanted to try it out so we did. Talk about an amazing experience! You order one kind of tea but by the end of it the lady has brought out about 5 different kinds to try~ herb, floral, mixed flavors, you name it. 


While sitting enjoying our tea, the owner came over to talk to us and we understood about 55% of what she said but halfway through we got lost. She was talking about a friend and something about English. We apologized and she said not to worry about it and left. We forgot about it and then about an hour later a monk shows up at our table and says "hi!". She had apparently called him to come down from the temple to meet us. :) He was such a nice guy and we struck up a great friendship with him. 
What an awesome rainy day experience, huh? 

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