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The semester is quickly coming to a close and with it, many of our usual activities. This year the university was so kind to offer the professors a weekly beginners level Korean class that would help us go at a slower pace than the regular class offered to the foreign students (they cover in a day what we covered in a week). It was an absolute riot some evenings as it was held at the end of two very long teaching days with a class full of worn out and quite goofy professors. Our teacher was an absolute gem and I really loved the class! Looking forward to returning to it after little Jimmy arrives and I get settled into a new routine. :) 

As many of my previous posts have shown, Robert and I have been having a blast rediscovering our little town. After living here for almost 2 years, we're getting to see parts of it that we never knew existed. We ventured out on a Saturday for a leisurely day of thrift shop hopping and visiting a quaint little eye glass shop that has been there for 30 years (and still has some of the same advertisements hanging up too) :) The owners were adorable! 

Doing my "posing" for Robert to snap pictures unawares :) 

This was a very special Mother's Day as it was my first... I can't wait to meet this little growing boy inside of me! He is such an active little guy and brings me so much joy already, I can't even begin to imagine how much I will love this kid when I can hold him in my arms! 
We had a lovely little picnic in our favorite spot and enjoyed the gorgeous weather and scenery. 

Our friends from the University, Chandan and Pooja, came over and cooked us authentic Indian food! It was divine. Robert started us out with a lovely bruschetta appetizer and then I finished us off with some shortbread and tea. It was truly an international meal :) 

Teacher's day rolled around and my Mentoring students surprised me with these adorable signs they had made. They were so sweet! I have had such a wonderful time getting to know these three girls better! :) 

This is the first "Korean" thing I have bought for baby James. I can't wait to see him in this adorable little shirt and to hold him! 

Robert and I spent another day relaxing and enjoying our local town. Our friend from Jikjisa Temple invited us to eat dinner with him inside the temple. This was a pretty cool experience and we also enjoyed tea in the Temple tea house. They were doing their evening ringing of the bell for the animals so we got to see that too which was very interesting. 

After walking around the Temple grounds a little bit, we decided to take a drive around the mountain to see what we would find. It was a gorgeous evening and the scenery was beautiful. It's amazing to think that this is our "backyard". 

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