summer days

As I have mentioned (probably numerous times), we love having a car! It's hard to even remember what it was like living in Korea without one. We enjoy being able to run over to Gumi quickly to Homeplus and Lotte and not be confined solely to the Gimcheon Emart. This opens up a world of grocery shopping and allows us a few things from home... this meal was decidedly American. 

We've enjoyed some fun days off and more great Sunday lunch picnics with friends at Riverside Park. 

Having a car also allows us to visit Daegu Costco whenever we want! This could be dangerous... 

My friend Charlotte had a birthday recently and we were able to have a lovely afternoon at Hands coffee and I got some Isaac cuddle time. He's my favorite. He and James will be such good friends! 

Jared's birthday called for some celebrating so a few of us Gimcheoners got together for an impromptu birthday party at one of our favorite meat restaurants and then Lucky Penny for milkshakes and cake :) 

We headed to Daegu for a date day and just enjoyed walking around and taking pictures. :) Of course we couldn't pass up a chance to eat at Little Italia! 

What can I say... Jimmy loves his Starbucks! :) 

Poor Robert... his phone had just been stolen and he had to erase its contents remotely and then go order a new one. 

I have had such a fun time with this semester's mentor group! They are such a great group of girls. We decided to have a movie day and go see After Earth. It was a fun Saturday spent with my girls :) 

... and another picnic (told you we loved them!). 


I got an amazing box in the mail from Grandma Tina, Grandma Great, and Auntie Ro... I had so much fun going through all the adorable clothes! So special. 

I've managed to grow Basil from seed! Those of you that know my gardening skills also know just how miraculous this is... 

30 weeks along and I finally ate the hotdog I had been craving for weeks! :) 

I've never enjoyed doing laundry so much! Doesn't get any cuter than this stuff... 

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